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TMC Transformers is delighted to announce the acquisition of Intermagnetics srl from Hitachi Energy Italy S.p.A.
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TMC Transformers announces the acquisition of HPS's "Marnate Trasformatori".
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TMC Transformers announces the acquisition of the Power Transformers division of RITZ instrument transformers GmbH.
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Next Technology Group sells Tesar SpA: the group company dedicated to the development of MES solutions.
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TMC Transformers® is a strategic partner for the supply of medium and low voltage transformers and reactors. TMC, formed following the acquisition of TMC Italia S.p.A by the Palladini family, has Italian and Swiss expertise, enabling it to produce top class products and tailor-made solutions.

TMC labour force is a carefully selected group of engineers and technicians with vast experience in the design and manufacture of specialist transformers for many different applications.


RITZ is a global market leader for Instrument Transformers, Cast Resin Applications, Cast Resin Insulated Busbar Systems and Cast Resin Insulated Power Transformers. RITZ boasts no fewer than seven production facilities across Europe, China and the U.S. Ritz Transformers technology, which includes the extensive use of fiberglass insulation, class H resin systems, specialty conductors and UL certification, combined with TMC’s existing experience and expertise, will ensure to the market a technologically advanced solutions, especially for all installations exposed to really polluted environmental conditions.


Marnate Trasformatori is one of the production sites of TMC Transformers, acquired in 2019.  The company is specialised in the production of standard, medium voltage distribution transformers with cast resin technology.   The factory of Marnate is used by TMC Group, in addition to the production of the standard line of distribution, for the manufacture of coils to be utilised in the local assembly by extra-European partners.   


Officine Tironi is a company with an extensive experience in the field of carpentry. With its long-lasting background in metalworking, today the company boasts a production facility of 4000 sqm next to Bergamo airport. Officine Tironi is able to offer a service going from the design to the delivery, establishing itself as an ideal partner for the production of metal carpentry of every type, going from small and medium to big dimension. Metal experience all-in-one.


TMC LV is sited in Fabro – Umbria- produces medium voltage, multi-pulses, low voltage transformers and reactors also water-cooled technology.

The company manufactures special and distribution dry type transformers from 25 kVA to 25 MVA with system voltages up to 52kV.


STR is one of the brands part of Next Technology Group, responsible for consultancy in a technological context, as well as for the support both in research and in development, again from a point of view of innovation and renovation of the organization.


Intermagnetics, established in 2006, designs and produces magnetic components, low voltage transformers and reactors for industrial applications in compliance with all safety, quality, environmental and customer technical specifications, guaranteeing assistance and support starting from the offer request phase up to the post sale.


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